Dawn of the Lone Star

This painting captures a pivotal moment on March 2, 1836, at Washington on the Brazos, amidst the turmoil of Santa Anna's dictatorship in Mexico. As delegates met, the Alamo was besieged, marking a critical point in Texas' fight for independence. The painting vividly depicts five express riders departing on March 3, each carrying copies of the Texas Declaration of Independence, symbolizing the birth of a new nation against the backdrop of adversity.

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Come and Take It

Kenneth Turner's "Come and Take It" masterfully captures the essence of defiance and resolve. Centered around the imposing cannon, a symbol of the Battle of Gonzales, this piece exudes a palpable tension. The iconic flag, complements the scene's focal point, illustrating a moment of bold resistance. Turner's artistry brings to life a pivotal chapter in the quest for Texas freedom.

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About Ken

Kenneth Turner's art isn't just about colors on canvas; it's a heartfelt expression of freedom, faith, and the profound impact of Jesus Christ in our lives.

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  • Kenneth Turner's art brings together his love for Jesus Christ and themes of freedom, showing his deep faith. His work is full of stories about hope and love, inviting us to see beauty and faith together.

  • Ken is also a loving husband and dad to seven kids, living by Jesus's teachings. His art reflects his life, full of love, family, and helping others.

  • Buying Ken's art means bringing home stories filled with faith and freedom. Each piece shares a special message of love and the beauty of life through Ken's eyes.