About Ken

Kenneth Turner's art isn't just about colors on canvas; it's a heartfelt expression of freedom, faith, and the profound impact of Jesus Christ in our lives.

Kenneth Turner was born July 4th, 1948. Growing up, Ken was the kid who brought art to life, known to all as "the school artist." But for Ken, art was more than a talent; it was a divine calling. His deep faith in God and his love for Jesus Christ have been the guiding lights of his journey, not just as an artist but as a man dedicated to spreading hope and love through his work.

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Ken's paintings are like stories told without words, each brushstroke a testament to the themes of freedom and the teachings of Christ. He delves into the heart of each subject, whether capturing the tranquility of nature, the essence of historical moments, or the sacred stories of Jesus Christ. Ken's commitment to authenticity and depth in his artwork comes from his belief that art can connect us more deeply to our faith and the freedoms we cherish. His process involves meticulous research and a spiritual reflection, ensuring that every piece not only captivates the eye but also nourishes the soul.

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Beyond the canvas, Ken's life reflects the values he cherishes. As a loving husband and father of seven, he embodies the principles of love, family unity, and service to others—principles taught by Christ. Ken's art and his life are invitations to explore the beauty of creation, the strength of faith, and the boundless love of Jesus Christ.